Mini MP3 Musicbox with FM Clock Radio - Brown/Black

Key Features

    • • MP3 Player with FM Radio
      • Clock, Radio and Alarm Functions
      • USB In, SD Card Reader and 3.5mm Audio In
      • Personalised Alarm Tone
      • Rechargeable Internal Battery and Battery Power for Music (Backup Batteries for Clock)
      • Portable, suitable as a car FM or MP3 Player


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Clearly displaying the time, being easy and simple to interact with, and giving you the most pleasant morning possible. We believe these are core pillars of what many might think of simply as an “alarm clock”. We made the MB300 to be a fraction of the weight of other speakers while providing a clean LCD screen which can be turned on via remote control at any time. This combination of features makes the MB300 our most compact radio alarm clock for the level of depth and control.

The idea of a bedside speaker that can be with you no matter where your bedside ends up spurred us to add rechargeable batteries as well as a slot for backup batteries powering the clock basic functions (To avoid power cuts). Taking this piece of home with you will get you to sleep and up again smoothly, be it on holiday, business trip, spontaneous adventure or emergency trip.

Make Mornings A Joy to Wake Up To

The MB300 radio alarm clock with MP3 player makes sure that all those available inputs have real use! You can set your alarm as a basic buzzer, or as any number of FM radio stations, MP3 files from USB or SD card! Your options are left open so you can craft the morning routine that you want.

Multipurpose Music Box

Supporting MP3 playback also means the MB300 can be used akin to a wireless speaker! Two separate 3-watt speakers provide a deep sound for the size so you can listen to playlists handcrafted or shuffled for BBQs, garden parties, picnics or camping. You’ll have a musical backdrop for any situation.

Light up Your Life

A backlight provides necessary illumination in blue light. The light won’t strain your eyes if you need to check the time or set an alarm late at night. The backlight will automatically turn off to conserve battery but using a button on the remote control will light up the time for a few moments.

Explore Music Again

Using classic FM tuning and scan-searching you can tune in to new stations and uncover new favourites. Ride the radio waves and surf your way to new podcasts, shows, artists and more! Recapture the joy of discovering a group for the first time wherever you are with this portable FM Radio Alarm Clock

Take Control of Your Routine

The MB300 is our first IR remote controlled radio, allowing unparalleled control over your music from a distance (As well as snoozing the alarm while in bed!). We are proud to see a range of customers benefit from increased control via the remote. Skip, change mode, activate the light and more.

In The Box

MB300 Small Box Radio Alarm Clock
Remote Control
3.5mm Aux Cable
USB Charging Cable
Mains Power Adapter
User Manual

FM Radio Frequency 87.5 – 108 MHz
Frequency Response 50 HZ – 18 KHz
Transmission Frequency 2,4 GHz
Speaker 2x3W, Stereo, 4Ω
Batteries 900mAh
Max. Play Time (with USB Play) 2 hours
USB Port Supports USB memory sticks in FAT format up to 8 GB
SD card Supports SD/MMC cards up to 32 GB
Dimensions 130x95x90mm
Net Weight 405 g
The MP3 Player and Radio aren’t working but the clock is still visible?
The AAA batteries are used as a backup for the clock, this means that the clock will display even if the internal battery is empty. To solve this issue, please charge the internal battery using either the provided USB cable or power plug (the red LED on the top of the device will light up whilst charging).

There is also a power switch on the back of the device which is easy to overlook, please make sure that this is switched to ON.

How long does it take to fully charge internal battery?
To fully charge the internal battery takes approximately 4 hours. The red LED on the top of the device will light red whilst it is connected to a power source, there is no fully charged indicator on this device.

The Light Button does not work?
The LIght button enables the backlight for 10 seconds so you can check the time, station and other details. It will de-activate after 10 seconds to conserve charge.

The radio reception is poor?
Please extend the telescopic aerial on the MB300 and relocate the device if you are still unable to find a signal.

When the radio is set as the alarm, the snooze function doesn't work?
The snooze function only works with MP3 or BIBI set as the alarm.

How do I adjust the alarm volume?
Unfortunately, the alarm volume can not be adjusted.