Bluetooth Headphone Splitter for USB-C Phone Nintendo Switch Steamdeck Tablet

Key Features

  • • Bluetooth Multipoint Connects 2 Headphones or Earbud Pairs Simultaneously
    • Game Together with Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Headphones
    • Bluetooth 5.0 Reconnection and Fast Transfer Speeds
    • 40ms Latency for Gaming and Visual Media
    • USB-C to USB Adapter Included for Increased Compatibility


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Gaming is better together, and the lack of Bluetooth on the Nintendo Switch at launch was appalling and cosy co-op gamers everywhere had to suffer with having their music out loud from the internal speakers. The MR410 is a USB-C Bluetooth adapter which transmits audio via ultra-fast Bluetooth 5.0 to not one, but two devices at once.
This solved the co-op problem and also allows kids to listen to TV shows together in the back of the car during a road trip without disturbing the designated driver, or for the school-run bus to be a little quieter as kids can use the MR410 as a Bluetooth headphone splitter.

Bluetooth 5.0 + aptX Codec

The MR410 uses Bluetooth 5.0 to achieve as low as 40ms latency even when split across the multipoint connection. Bluetooth 5.0 + aptX provides 10 meters of stable, high-fidelity audio for your USB-C devices. The pairing process is simple and quick reconnection is also supported

Note: The microphone of the headphones cannot be used through the Bluetooth transmitter.

Nintendo Switch Compatible

The MR410 was built to bring gaming to families and couples (or just a couple of friends!) in a new and engaging way with just a simple adapter. The USB-C connection allows this, but can also find use with phones, tablets, consoles like Steamdeck as a versatile USB-C Bluetooth adapter. Use with August EPG500's to enjoy portable, high-fidelity gaming everywhere.

Multipoint Bluetooth Brings Us Together

Multipoint technology allows a Bluetooth transmitter to work as a headphone splitter; audio is output wirelessly to two different pairs of headphones, earphones or speakers at once. This can be used to give you and a friend time to laugh together on the bus or enjoy your own personal audio preferences when playing together. It also means you can stay up late without disturbing the house with speaker audio

USB-C to USB Adapter

The box includes a small USB to USB-C adapter converter which slots easily on to the MR410. This enables you to use the MR410 with PCs and some TVs so long as they support outputting audio via USB. This takes your adaptability to a whole new level and allows connection to more devices

Passthrough Charging Support

When in use, the MR410 preserves the USB-C port on your device so you can charge your Switch, Steamdeck or Tablet all while using the MR410 to connect headphones / speakers. Watch and game all night and day with no worries over the battery from either the adapter or your device itself! Passthrough is for charging only, not data.

In The Box

  • MR410 Bluetooth Multipoint USB-C Adapter
  • USB 3.0 Adapter
  • User Manual
Bluetooth Version 5
Chipset CSR8670
Support Profiles A2DP/HFP/HSP/AVRCP:
Support Audio Protocol aptX-LL、aptX、SBC、AAC
Frequency 2.4 GHz-2.48 GHz
Transmission Distance 10 m
Type C Port Supports Fast Charging and Pass-Through Charging
Power Input DC5V/2A-20V/3A
My audio is choppy and cuts out using two devices?
Please make sure both devices are the same make and brand. Some Bluetooth decoding differs from others and this can cause the Bluetooth adapter to miscommunicate with the headphones. For best results use identical devices when playing/listening.

What is USB 3.0?
The MR410 supports USB-C connections for phones, tablets, the Nintendo Switch and the Valve Steamdeck. However we also include a free USB-C to USB 3.0 adapter. USB 3.0 is the standard USB port you find on your PC or TV or wall outlet, but a version that supports better data transfer. Essentially you can attain a better Bluetooth signal from USB 3.0 than USB 2.0 (All other modern USB ports).
You can therefore use this adapter with any USB slot on your PC or device that has a blue marking, indicating USB 3.0 specification.