Bluetooth 5.2 Audio Receiver Transmitter

Key Features

  • • Plug & Play System - Revolutionise Speakers with Bluetooth
    • Stereo Phono Cable and Standard 3.5mm Audio Out
    • Bluetooth Adapter for Hi-fi and PC Systems
    • Dual-Mode Transmitter and Receiver
    • Built-In Rechargeable Battery Up to 14 Hours of Use


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Plug and Play Bluetooth Adapter

With quick and simple Bluetooth connection, easily connect the August MR230 to your smartphones or tablets wirelessly. Provided RCA and 3.5mm audio cables allow you to connect to speakers and other devices to play your favourite Music.

Bluetooth Receiver 3.5mm

The 2.402 - 2.480GHz frequency range will achieve a high quality transmission, enabling you to fully enjoy listening to Music wirelessly. Play music from your Phone, Tablet, PC or Laptop through any 3.5mm output device such as a wired speaker or car stereo speaker. This 3.5mm Bluetooth adapter changes a standard wired output into a Bluetooth output.

Bluetooth Transmitter Mode

In transmitter mode, accessed by the simple textured switch on the side, you can make your CD Player, Radio or even TV Bluetooth compatible! Listen to your TV through Bluetooth headphones or earphones and enjoy private wireless audio.

Accessible and Easy To Use

This button at the top of the device allows to Mute and Unmute the Music, as well as Reset the Bluetooth connection and connect to a new device.

Rechargeable Internal Battery

A Rechargeable Battery in the device means it does not have to be connected to a power source at all times. Approximately 1.5 hours of charge with the efficient USB-C cable leads to up to 14 hours of working time.

In The Box 

  • MR230 Receiver Transmitter
  • USB-C Power Cable
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • 3.5mm to 2xRCA Audio Cable
  • User Manual

Bluetooth Profile A2DP, AVRCP
Range Up to 10m
Power Input DC5V
Internal Battery 3.7V/200mA Li-polymer Battery
Working Time Up to 14 Hours
Charging Time About 1.5 Hours
Dimensions 50×13.7×35mm
Weight 20g
It doesn't work with my headphones, I have plugged it into the TV, why is that?
The MR230 is a Wireless Bluetooth Reciever. It is not a Transmitter. Therefore you should connect the MR230 to the device that is receiving the Audio. For example if a phone or TV is broadcasting, using the MR230 makes any 3.5mm speakers or headphones pick up the sound!

Can I plug into the TV not the speakers?
To use the item in that way you would need a Bluetooth Transmitter like the MR250 which will take the audio from a non-Bluetooth device and broadcast it out to Bluetooth devices.

None of my equipment is Bluetooth, what can I do?
If you have a non-bluetooth TV and a non-bluetooth headset then you can still wirelessly connect them! Attach the MR230 Receiver to the headset and the MR250 Transmitter to the TV to begin wirelessly watching your current TV with current headphones or speakers! Save on new devices with adapter solutions.