AUDAR E1 | Heart Rate Monitor Watch + Smart Health Watch App

Key Features

  • • Made for Everyday Tracking and Use
    • Heart Rate Advanced ECG Watch
    • Authentic Watch Face Style and Gesture Control
    • Message and Call Notifications
    • Exercise Mode Tracks Calories, Distance, Steps


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The AUDAR E1 is the signature digital health watch, manufactured with a manual ECG reader for a deeper understanding of your heart and health. The E1 is made to provide a comprehensive overview of your health and the health of loved ones with weekly tracking available in the app. The IP rating and modern construction make sure the watch is fit for everyday use. We are also proud to have made the E1 brand-ambivalent both compatible with Apple or as a smart watch for Android.

The pride of the AUDAR range is the CareMate network, an in-development cutting-edge technology that allows worldwide healthcare tracking using mobile IoT. In this E1, the technology acts as a simple way to see friend / family health data. However, the technology is something dear to our hearts and the soul of our manufacturing, and we are excited to update CareMate over time.

Upgrade Your Routine with Digital Healthcare

Checking your daily data has never been so easy. The readings from the E1 are instantly stored for viewing in the app connected by Bluetooth, meaning you can look back at the end of the day across your entire digital healthcare report. We have made the E1 easy to add to any routine and lifestyle.

Smart Watch with Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor

To provide a coherent overview of your days and weeks, the E1 can be set to measure Blood Pressure and Heart Rate routinely. Heart rate can be measured through a simple heartbeat reading, or a full manual ECG. Blood Pressure is taken regularly and shows both systolic and diastolic levels.

Work Smarter and Harder

Push your boundaries with reactive caloric and fitness tracking which enables you to spur on past personal bests, keep regular pace or measure your current exercise results from commutes and cardio sessions alike. Refine your workout with GPS distance tracking and step count while in exercise mode.

A Watch as Strong as You Are

The E1 is IP67 dust and waterproof. Protecting the technology providing you health data was of great importance to the design and we are proud that all users can enjoy the E1 with no worries. The battery is also enclosed, meaning 10 - 20 days of use per 2-hour charge! We made this watch to last

Definitely Smart, But Still a Watch

The comfortable strap and classic circular watch face combined with simple gesture control and clear, adjustable time display all make the E1 a reliable and authentic timepiece. Change brightness for late-night use and edit temperature measurement units to really make the watch your own

Screen 1.22 inch 240*204px
Bluetooth Version V4.2
Battery 220mAh
Charge Time 2 Hours
Waterproofing IP67
Average Weight 43g
Can I use this watch to make and receive calls?
The watch will notify you of notifications and calls, but to ensure longer battery life for the main functions, the E1 does not have call capabilities. This is not a hands-free calling device. Consider using the E1 in conjunction with a pair of EP800 headphones to stay connected while on the move.
How much does the E1 weigh?
The E1 watch weighs 43 grams. This weight allows for all the necessary technology to be housed in the device and makes it lightweight and non-restrictive.
Is the ECG measured at all times?
The E1 watch will only measure your ECG if you manually select this option. You can check this data in the app.
Why can't I measure my ECG?
To get an accurate reading, make sure the contact point is on clean, moistened skin, as particles can interfere with the measurement.
Does the E1 work in all countries?
The E1 uses Bluetooth and signal technology to work universally. The E1 may not work in areas where your phone is not connected or there is Bluetooth interference.