AUDAR E2 Grey + Black

Dual Mode Mobile IoT Vital Sign Monitor Watch with SOS Alert

Key Features

  • • Automatic Vital Sign Measurement and Manual Readings Available 24/7
    • SOS Alert Button for Trusted Responders such as Family and Friends Using GPS Location
    • Low Power Narrow Band Connection Saves Battery and Data Use
    • No Paired Phone or App Required; the Mobile IoT SIM card is built in
    • IP67 Waterproof for Daily Use up to 14 Days of Battery Life


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Please view the FAQ tab for medical and monetisation disclosures

Next Generation Vital Sign Monitor

The E2 is the cutting-edge of personal wearable health technology thanks to the unique AUDAR Cloud Telehealth Platform. The telehealth platform allows seamless data upload and monitoring accessible by the user or by trusted responders like family and friends. Set a carer or healthcare professional and data is instantly available. From heart rate and other vital signs to reactive SOS alerts complete with GPS readout for fast response.

Give your loved ones the safety of healthcare tracking without sacrificing their independence and freedom. E2 is the way to make sure the digital transformation in healthcare is safe and accessible.

Access the Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The E2 vital sign monitor watch is unique as it has a built-in Sim card. This creates a direct contact between your health monitor and international, secure digital communications. There's no need to own a mobile phone and have a branded sim card, as the E2 watch is fully self-contained. Achieve a level of vital sign awareness never before possible without apps and subscriptions!

Everyday Measurements of Vital Signs

The E2 measures:

  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Oxygen
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Temperature
  • Location for SOS Responders
Measurements can be taken every 1, 2, 3 , 4 or 6 hours to fit neatly into daily reports. This gives you 24, 12, 8, 6, or 4 automatic measurements per day (With the option to take manual measurements when required).

Gain a comprehensive and complete view of your vital sign status while learning more about yourself. Learn when you can push yourself and when to relax, and create a healthy lifestyle based around your specific habits. The E2 can wirelessly share this data across the entire globe without any internet or phone requirements thanks to the in-built SIM, so elderly or vulnerable citizens can feel safe and looked-after even when they are worlds apart.

Fall Detection Algorithm

Our bespoke fall detection algorithm allows the AUDAR E2 to detect falls and impacts, with robust false-alarm protection and a simple confirmation screen. If no activity is detected after a fall, or the confirmation screen is ignored, the alert will go out to the phone numbers registered on the account. This will give a text of name, timestamp and location as well as a live route-mapping feature inside the Caremate webpage.

High-Quality Manufacturing

The engineering process results in an IP rating of IP67 Waterproofing and Particulate protection. This stops rain and dirt from slowing you down. To ensure you can always use the watch, the battery is optimised for up to 14 days of use (Depending on frequency of manual and automatic measurements) so you can rely on the watch to see you through the week, charging easily with the included USB cable at the weekends. The watch charges in under 2 hours to make sure you have minimal breaks in your data.

Trade Orders

Trade orders are available directly. Whether the E2 is being incorperated into a Care Home, Home Care, or even workplace.

Care Homes

In care homes, the E2 provides 24/7 monitoring and fall detection with charging needed less than once a week. This saves hours of staff time, while also improving quality of care. By measuring in an unobstrusive, hands-off way residents can enjoy more freedom and independence without sacrificing any wellbeing or safety.
Night checks are more resident-freindly with no disturbance overnight, leading to higher daily standard of living.

Workforce Health and Safety

How can health and safety in the workplace be monitored and maintained, without impeding worker job performance? E2 can seamlessly and remotely improve emergency recognition and response. With automatic SOS alarms workers can be rescued from perilous situations sooner than by standard camera or colleague callouts.
The Health and Safety Excecutive states constant and regular monitoring of staff to be a prime mission for new technologies in Health and Safety. Provide monitoring which can identify burnout, lapses in health, and fatigue. The E2 provides a pre-emptive technology that can stop clumsiness, injury and discord caused by overworking or illness in staff.
Occupational health and safety can be improved without adding more time-consuming check-ups or surveys, or replacing workplace equipment. Workers can simply wear an E2 and all data is available in real time, registered to each user.


In the Box

1 x E2 Vital Sign Watch Face / Scanner

1 x Magnetic Quick-Snap E2 Watch Strap

1 x E2 Magnetic Charging Cable (Mag to USB-A)

1 x Year of Telehealth Communication Fee Included

1 x SOS Alert Tokens (Each token sends 1 SMS AND 1 Phone Call)

1 x User Manual and Quick Start Guide

Roaming Countries/Regions Alphabetically
Country/Region Network Services
Argentina LTE-M  
Australia LTE-M  
Austria LTE-M NB-IoT
Belgium LTE-M  
Bulgaria   NB-IoT
Canada LTE-M  
China   NB-IoT
Croatia   NB-IoT
Czech Republic   NB-IoT
Denmark LTE-M NB-IoT
Estonia LTE-M  
Finland LTE-M NB-IoT
France LTE-M  
Germany LTE-M NB-IoT
Greece   NB-IoT
Gurnsey LTE-M  
Hungary LTE-M NB-IoT
Ireland LTE-M NB-IoT
Italy   NB-IoT
Japan LTE-M  
Jersey LTE-M  
Korea Republic LTE-M  
Latvia LTE-M NB-IoT
Luxembourg LTE-M  
Malta   NB-IoT
Mexico LTE-M  
Netherlands LTE-M NB-IoT
New Zealand LTE-M  
Norway LTE-M NB-IoT
Poland LTE-M  
Puerto Rico LTE-M NB-IoT
Romania LTE-M  
Russia   NB-IoT
Slovak Republic   NB-IoT
Slovenia   NB-IoT
Spain LTE-M NB-IoT
Sweden LTE-M  
Switzerland LTE-M  
Taiwan LTE-M NB-IoT
UK (United Kingdom) LTE-M NB-IoT
USA (United States of America) LTE-M  
US Virgin Islands LTE-M NB-IoT
Measurement Specifications
Measurements Ranges Precision
Heart Rate 30-240 bpm ±1.5 bpm
BPT Diastolic 50-120mmHg ± 8mmHg
BPT Systolic 80-180mmHg ± 8mmHg
SpO2 70-100% ± 3%
Body Temperature 32-42°C ±0.3°C

Pricing Overview

Your first year of telehealth services are included in the product price. Further yearly access to the telehealth platform can be purchased through your AUDAR Health Dashboard for £25 per year. Further SOS SMS / Phone Calls can be purchased in bundles or individually for £1.00 each through your AUDAR Health Dashboard. Please be aware that SOS alert tokens can only be used if you hold an active subscription to facilitate the communication.

AUDAR Health Caremate Dashboard and Communication Services Subscription

The E2 watch uses mobile IoT and internal SIM Card to communicate in moments with carers, patients and your personal AUDAR Telehealth Platform Dashboard. Access to these communication networks is charged annually for £25 per year, and provides access to wireless communication of your data for Caremates as well as facilitating the sending and receipt of SOS Texts and Phone Calls. This charge is to be paid directly through your AUDAR Health Dashboard, and reminders will be sent when your first year is coming to an end. If you choose to not pay for this service, the E2 will display and measure health data locally but access to the international IoT narrow-band network will be unavailable, including sending SOS alerts.

SOS Text and Phone Call Tokens

The E2 watch comes as standard with a year of Telehealth service, and 1 SOS alert tokens. Each SOS token sends out an SMS and a Phone Call to the Primary Caremate phone number you registered on the Dashboard. Tokens are spent one at a time to send both the SMS and Call. Tokens can be bought individually for £1.00 or bundled via your Dashboard.

Deviation Report SMS Messages

The E2 can send deviation report messages to a connected phone number which allows you to immediately see when vital signs stray out of your set range. This feature is completely optional. To set your deviation range please refer to professional medical advice. Please note that deviation reports are available included with the Telehealth Dashboard, but that receiving direct SMS of these reports operates on a credit system, as an optional way to receive deviation data faster than checking your account. Credit can be added via the AUDAR Health Dashboard.

Credit is reduced by 25p per deviation report.

Medical Disclosures

The E2 is currently a lifestyle device. The E2 is not intended for use in detection, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring or management of any medical condition or disease. All data provided is for personal reference for lifestyle changes and does not qualify as prescribed medical advice. If concerned, users should always seek professional medical advice from a physician.

  • Temperature and Blood Oxygen sensors are for wellness and lifestyle purposes, not intended for medical use.
  • Tracking data on the AUDAR Health Platform should not be used to diagnose a health condition.
  • Do not begin a new medication, end current medication or otherwise change your prescribed medical routine based on the information of the E2.
  • Users should measure their blood pressure when at rest, as they would do with a traditional cuff, and refrain from measuring when they are working out, smoking, or drinking.
  • For accurate blood pressure readings, a calibration is required every 4 weeks by a medical blood pressure monitor & arm cuff.
  • Measurements of blood oxygen and blood pressure require the device to be worn sufficiently tight and require the user to remain still while the measurement is taken.
  • Heart rate measurements may not be reliable if you have an implanted pacemaker or other implanted medical devices.
  • The use of some dyes, such as methylene blue (used in surgery), henna or tattoo ink may affect the absorption of light and the results produced.
  • Skin pigmentation may cause overestimates of SpO2 saturation levels so this may need to be considered for such an individual’s readings.
  • The radio frequency emitted by the device may interfere with some hearing aids. Seek advice from the manufacturer to determine whether or not the hearing aid will be affected by the radio frequencies emitted.
  • Measurements may not be reliable if you are pregnant.
  • "Inconclusive" measurements may be retaken manually through the watch.