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August 3.5 Inch Mobile Freeview TV & Multimedia Player

Featured by What Video & Hi-Def TV Magazine

February 2009

August Portable TV DTV350C

Not so long ago, built-in Freeview tuners were a novelty in conventionally-sized TVs. Now you can get an integrated set that fits in your pocket, started the article.


August Portable TV DTV350C


This versatile miniature entertainment machine has a 3.5in screen and has a re-chargeable battery capable of running for up to 3hr with video, or 10hr music-only playback, the magazine found out.


Click HERE to view the page of What Video & Hi-Def TV Issue 342 February 2009.

Please note the built-in telescopic and/or the included portable antennas may only work in areas where Freeview signal is strong. There may be difficulties in receiving TV signal with the telescopic and/or portable antenna in some regions at present. This is due to that the Freeview service (www.freeview.co.uk) is yet to operate in full power in the UK. A high gain antenna with signal amplifier may help the TV to receive Freeview in regions where signal is marginally strong and a rooftop aerial may be required in regions where the signal is insufficient for a portable antenna before the Digital Switchover in your region. The reception will be improving along with the progress of the Switchover.
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