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Portable Freeview TV

Portable Freeview TV is a small screen LCD TV with a digital tuner built-in to enable users to watch Freeview TV channels. It produces much better picture and sound quality compared to traditionally small sized TV with glass screen and analogue tuner based on modern electronic, digital and display technology.


Portable Freeview TV has only become available in recent years following development of technologies and operating of Freeview service in the UK. Products available in the market-place at present vary from pocket size TVs with 3.5 inch screen to various models of August Freeview TVs with screen sizes up to 11 inches.


Portable Freeview TV with screen sizes between 3.5 and 7 inch, such as August DTV310, August DTV350C, August DTV410, August DG430 and August DA701C are suitable for people traveling around regularly and students studying and living in the UK. Those models with screen sizes between 9 and 11 inches, such as August DA900C, August DA100C and DA110BD, are ideal sizes for kitchens, bedrooms, caravans, boats and lorries.


Various models of portable DVD players with built-in digital Freeview TV tuners, such as Xoro HSD7560 and Xoro HSD7790, can be used to watch Freeview TV channels. Some models with integrated memory card reader and USB socket can be used as a multimedia player for playing back video and audio stored in a memory card and hard disc.


Please note that there may be difficulty in receiving Freeview TV signal with a portable TV antenna in some areas in the UK at present where the signal is not sufficiently strong. This is due to that the Freeview service (www.freeview.co.uk) in the UK is not operating at full power and does not fully support portable TV antenna at present (see Constrains at Present).


The reception for Portable Freeview TV will improve along with the progress of the Digital Switchover Program (see Scheduled Upgrading) over the coming years.

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