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What is Freeview TV

Freeview is the name for terrestrial digital television broadcasting in the UK and a new and simple way to watch digital TV prgrammes without subscribing to any commercial operators and paying them a monthly subscription fee.


Freeview TV provides high picture and sound quality compared to the traditional analogue TV due to the digital transmission of TV signal not being easily interrupted during the course of transmission by other electromagnetic waves. It is also easier to broadcast a larger number of channels by digital transmission as it converts picture and sound signals into digital symbols which can be easily compressed with a very high density.


You can click to visit their website to check whether your region is covered by Freeview at present and see details of Freeview services in the UK.


The Freeview website shows that the total number of Freeview channels is Over 50 already and there are always new channels being added into the Freeview family.


The number of Freeview channels people can watch varies from region to region depending on how many channels the transmitter close to you broadcasts at present. There are over 1100 transmitters in the UK and different transmitters broadcast a different number of Freeview channels.


In most regions, you should be able to watch the main five public-service channels (BBC 1&2, ITV1, C4, Five) and associated digital-only services, including BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC News 24, ITV2&3, E4 and more4, around 20 channels in all.


Some people may be able to select or change transmitter by changing the direction their TV aerial faces if the region they live in is covered by more than one transmitter.


A range of digital radio services should also be available from the transmitter you use.


There should be more channels available in your region once the Digital TV Switchover has completed in your region.


Please Click to find out How to Watch Freeview.

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