Indoor Aerial for Freeview TV - August DTA450 - Digital Portable Television Antenna DVB-T DVB-T2 Discreet High Gain with stand and 3m cable

Key Features

  • • TV Antenna Indoors Easy High Gain Freeview TV reception
    • Freeview and Freeview HDTV 4K Aerial Booster and Amplifier
    • Plug and Play Standard Coaxial 4K Aerial Cable 3m
    • Compact, small and discrete Digital TV Aerial matches your TV or hides behind it
    • Stand and mounts included for all TV Aerial/Antenna solutions


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Indoor aerial for Freeview reception

Use the August DTA450 TV aerial to watch HD TV easily. Plug it on your television, scan for channels and start watching your favorite programs.

4K HD Entertainment

Our latest technology filters out cellular and FM signals resulting in clearer picture. All in breathtaking 4K Ultra HD for the best picture quality, vivid colors and stunning sound.

Strong Signal Reception

This smart TV antenna can pick up signals within a 90 - 150 mile range. UHF and VHF reception. With a consistent gain of 5 dB this aerial will be the perfect item to receive freeview easily. The directional design means adjustment may be necessary to obtain the best signal, and that large interferences can halt reception.

Convenient to use

Flexible, quick and easy to install in few seconds through just the included cable. Easy connection and no setup.The aerial can be easily placed on a TV unit or any flat surface with the included stand. You can also mount the aerial to a window with the included adhesive stickers.
This indoor digital aerial easily matches with your other electrical equipment to remain discreet in your living room, kitchen or bedroom.
You can also use it in a campervan, motorhome, caravan or HGV.
Signal Scan VHF 170-230MHZ,UHF 470-860MHZ;
Gain 5dBi
Antenna Size 230x210x10
Antenna Connector Standard Coaxial
Cable Length 3m
Dimensions 230x230x14mm
Weight 118g
Why can I not see channels?
Please ensure that your source device has scanned and saved channels. The TV will need tuning once the aerial is connected. Once scanned, adjust the DTA450 to recieve the best quality signal by placing it near a window or roof away from interfering electronics.

What is High Gain?
The High Gain feature of the DTA450 makes the aerial able to pick up TV signal from much further away than a regular aerial, but in a more directional fashion. For this reason, please ensure that the DTA450 is facing the correct way but rotating it and testing the reception. Once you have found out which way the transmitter is, point the DTA450 in that direction and rescan for channels to make sure you have the best service possible.

How do I turn it on?
The DTA450 is an unpowered aerial. It will connect via the standard coaxial aerial input and not need charging/power to function. Simply plug it in and your source device will do the scanning/controlling.