USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone for Streaming, Studio, Podcast

Key Features

  • • Professional Cardioid Polar Pattern Directional Mic
    • Articulating Boom Arm with 3 Joints
    • Pop Filter, Windshield, Shock Mount Attachments Included
    • Needs only USB for Power and Data
    • Plug and Play Drivers with No Proprietary Software


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Write a song, give a speech, nail a voice role and stream with class using a proper cardioid polar pattern condenser microphone. August have always brought high-end tech at an affordable price and the REC100 is perhaps one of our more advanced products. With professional attachments and recording but simple set up and accessible use we are proud of the REC100 for both new users and veterans.

Polar Pattern Doesn’t Leave You in the Cold

The Cardioid Polar Pattern ensures that frontal audio is recorded with the highest fidelity and audio range, while the sides and rear of the mic are far less receptive. This makes stage performances, streaming from a loud PC, and recording in a studio all sound clearer than an omnidirectional mic

Plug and Play Windows and Mac Podcast Mic

Everyone has a podcast now, so we made sure the REC100 worked with Windows and Mac as well as ChromeOS and Linux devices. The USB microphone makes installation easy, with no complicated audio inputs and outputs to manage. If you have a USB-A port, you’ve all you need to plug in!

Fully Adjustable Streaming Microphone

The articulating boom arm holds the mic and can attach via a simple wind-up clamp to desks, tables, music stands or lecterns. Once attached, the arm can be moved and pivoted at 3 locations; The clamp, a joint halfway up the arm, and finally at the microphone itself. Perfect as a Studio Microphone

Anti-Pop filter

The pop filter helps to filterairflow and to better understand certain consonants to avoid confusion. An included windshield gives you a better sound for high quality recording with minimal normalisation necessary in post.

Versatile Attachment Options

The REC100 comes with a pop filter, windshield and shock mount. A pop filter removes spikes in audio during talking such as harsh consonants and lip-smacks. A windshield muff can be placed over the mic when outside and the shock mount reduces the effects of keyboard taps, wind shaking and more

Accurate and High Audio Range

The REC100 is accurate and makes clean recordings up to 120dB. Recordings of audio above this volume may be less accurate. All recordings have a sampling rate of 192KHz in 24 Bit. The USB mic cable is 2.5m long and supplies the power for the mic while also carrying the audio input data


Polar Pattern Uni-directional Cardioid
Max SPL Up to 120dB
Sampling Rate 192kHz/24bit
Power USB DC 5V
Cable Length 2.5m
Weight of Full Kit ~ 1 Kilogram

Box Contents

  • REC100 Microphone
  • Shock Mount
  • Pop Filter
  • USB Power Cable
  • Windshield
  • Boom Arm
  • User Manual
Can I use this Microphone without the stand?
The kit arrives modular, with construction of the stand and attaching the windshield etc all performed by you. If you want to keep them seperate for travel or use with a smaller device you can.

Microphone is not recording?
Please make sure that the USB cable is attached to the computer and the microphone securely.

Is it compatible with Windows 11?
The REC100B is compatible with Windows Vista,7, 8, 10 and 11/ Mac / Chrome OS/ Linux

I can hear Wind in my recording?
Please make sure you have attached the windshield to the microphone.