High Gain TV Aerial Standalone or Wall Mounted Freeview HD

Key Features

  • • Freeview and Freeview HD Signals (DVB + DVB-T2)
    • Standalone Aerial no Power Supply Needed
    • Stand Upright or Wall Mount
    • 8dBi High Gain Engineering
    • Lightweight Despite Being More Substantial


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Add DVB-T and DVB-T2 reception to Set Top Boxes, TV’s and USB TV Tuners with this stable, large aerial unit. Standing upright at 26cm with the telescopic aerial fully extended provides a high-range signal reception. For even better positioning you can use the included mounting options.
The DTA600 can be set up as a fixture in a living room, attic or kitchen as well as taken in campervans and on road trips. Despite the higher gain, the DTA600 is designed to not use external power. The aerial cable is the only connection needed and connects to standard RF IN Coaxial ports for Digital Terrestrial TV.

High-Definition 4K TV Reception

DVB-T2 signals carry Freeview HD in the UK, providing 1080p+ HD broadcasts from dedicated HD channels made specifically for high-fidelity TV. Enjoy the best quality TV in rooms with no aerial port, or while on the move around the country camping / holidaying

Telescopic High Gain Aerial

The innate 8dBi gain of the aerial ensures a good signal reception in the direction of the aerial. This means you should rotate and articulate the telescopic aerial to find the best signal! Do not just point it upwards. The aerial is fully rotatable for this purpose

Portability Balanced with Practicality

Nowhere near as tiny as the DTA230 but still under 500 grams, the DTA600 is made to strike a balance between portability and practicality. The aerial can be easily taken down from its mount or left free-standing, and transported in a car boot or a suitcase

Wall Mounting Options

The DTA600 comes as standard with 3 deployment options. The unit can stand upright of its own accord, can be attached to a wall with the included screw and mount, or can be attached to surfaces using the 3M Sticky pad slots in the mount frame. Position for the best reception wherever you are

TV Reception Disclaimer

Reception depends upon more than gain and aerial position. High-Pressure air currents, geographical interference such as hills, compact buildings and mobile phone antenna can all cause distortion to radio / TV reception. Re-adjust the rotatable aerial for best results in your area

Box Contents

  • DTA600 Antenna Unit
  • Wall Mounting Options
  • Temporary Mount Options

Please note:

Reception also depends on the distance to the regional transmitter. Very thick walls, neon lights and energy-consuming electrical appliances (fridge, oven, air-conditioning, etc.) can reduce the capacity of the aerial.
We recommend searching for channels with a rooftop aerial and then use this small aerial.
On some TVs or Set top box, an integrated aerial booster can be turned on.
Signal Scan VHF 170-230MHZ,UHF 470-860MHZ;
Gain 8dBi
Antenna Height 256mm
Antenna Connector Standard Coaxial
Cable Length 5m
Dimensions 105 x 52.6 x 253mm
Weight 300g
How do I turn it on?
The DTA600 is an unpowered aerial that uses only the standard coaxial aerial cable to connect. Once plugged into the aerial port on a TV the DTA600 is active. Use the connected device (TV, Set-Top-Box, etc) to scan for channels and use the aerial.

Does this work with 4K TV?
The DTA600 does support 4K signal! No extra steps are required, simply connect via coaxial aerial cable to a 4K ready TV.

Why can I not see channels?
Your TV or Freeview Box still needs to scan, with the DTA600 connected. Once you have run a channel scan you should be able to move the DTA600 to achieve the best results. To acheieve best reception place the DTA600 near a window or rooftop, away from electroinc interference sources.