August External USB Video Capture Card VGB300 - Transfer VHS Home Videos to PC/Windows and Mac Compatible/S-Video and Composite in

Key Features

  • MAC & WINDOWS 10 / 8 / 7 / XP Compatible - Save and convert videos and tapes in PAL / SEECAM / NTSC formats.
    SAVE VHS TAPES TO PC - Save your precious memories from VHS tapes onto your PC hard drive.
    CREATE DVD COPIES - It's easy to burn your video to a DVD disc and watch back on your TV or send to friends and family using the included software converter and burner.
    RECORD RETRO GAMEPLAY - Connect to Xbox 360 / PS3 / Game Cubes and record any game play footage from consoles with SD video out, and even live stream your gameplay.
    CONNECT TO CAMCORDERS - SVHS and Composite AV as well as included SCART adapter in allow connection to almost any camcorder for use as a screen for monitoring or to record your footage to hard drive


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