RGB Gaming Headset with Mic - Blue

Key Features

  • • 3.5mm to Split Mic / Audio Cable Headset for PC Gaming
    • Single 3.5mm Adapter for DualShock / DualSense and Other Controllers
    • Microphone for Callouts and Calls as Well as Streaming
    • Comfortable Memory Foam Marathon-Ready Gaming Headphones
    • Subtle and Relaxing RGB Lighting on Earpiece and Microphone


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Plug and Play with the EPG100L Gamer headset with mic. These headphones were engineered for comfort and style to be perfect for casual or passionate gamers alike. Whether you are teaming up after weeks of planning a raid or just hopping on to kill some time while dinner cooks, this headset provides an immersive and high-fidelity way to engage with your favourite games.

Clear Callouts and Brilliant Banter

The attached microphone is adjustable through 120 degrees so that you can perfectly position it, or move it out the way when out of lobby or playing single player titles. Teammates or Discord chats will hear you clearly so you can keep up with the discussion and deliver the perfect interjection you’ve been saving.

The microphone also enables you to have a split channel for audio out / mic in. This is great for streaming so you can control your audio ins-and-outs more easily and have your voice broadcast over your desktop audio to create a better audio balance for your audience.

Virtual Surround Sound Full Stereo

Gaming headphones should give you an edge, and the EPG100L use virtual surround sound to accurately convey sound direction from all around you. From footsteps behind you in the warzone to the chirps of birds in the east as you explore an open world, or chunky chiptune tunes the EPG100L provides authentic directional audio for every game (Please Note the game in question must support virtual surround sound / stereo audio)

Settle in for the Finale in Comfort

You don’t want your immersion broken partway through a finale or climactic event, so the EPG100L have been made with memory foam across the spine. This minimises “headphone dent” and makes sure you can focus on the game for hours at a time. We also added extra padding to the earpieces themselves which provides passive noise reduction while simultaneously increasing comfort for longer periods.

RGB That Doesn’t Overdo It

We couldn’t resist a splash of RGB for our gaming headset, but we didn’t want it to become garish and obnoxious. The RGB in this headset manifests as thin, subtle trace lines around the earpieces and in the tip of the microphone arm. These spots add a lot of colourful depth to the headset without being blinding.

Not only are the sections minimal, the RGB animation is a simple spiral of rainbow colours. Vibrant greens and blues and reds swirl around you without any sudden flashes, changes of colour or increase in speed. This provides a consistent, subtle RGB that fits with any gamer or streaming set up.

Universal Compatibility via AUX and RCA

The headset is built to work with your current consoles and computer systems. Using the 3.5mm cable allows easy access to audio from DualShock / DualSense controllers and devices like Switch or Steamdeck. Some PCs will also have a single dual-channel 3.5mm port for this.

To make even more sure, the unit comes with a 3.5mm to RCA splitter cable converter. This converts the single 3.5mm cable on the headphones to a separate Microphone and Audio cable. These can be plugged in to dedicated devices or ports on PC to ensure smooth operation of both components.


Light RGB Light
Sensitivity 42±3%db
Direction Omnidirectional
Impedance 32Ω±15%
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Max Input Power 20WH
Voltage 3-5V
Speaker Diameter 50mm
Mic Dimensions ≈16cm
Mic Impedance 2.2KΩ
Line Length 2.2m
Weight 250g
Support PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Steamdeck, Xbox Series S/X, 3DS, PSP,
PC, Mac, Laptops, Computers, Tablets, Smartphones

My Headset Doesn't Show Up In Windows?
If you have connected the 3.5mm jack please ensure your device is recognised as "Headphones with Microphone". If your system's audio drivers do not allow you to change this manually please use the included adapter to insert your audio and microphone inputs seperately. Once you insert the Audio set them as your speakers, once you insert the microphone select it as your microphone.

The USB is plugged in but nothing happens?
The USB cable provides power for the lights and noise reduction functions. The speakers and microphone themselves require a 3.5mm connection or, using the adapter included, the speakers and microphone as seperate inputs.

How Do The RGB Lights Behave?
You cannot edit the RGB light pattern, but it is a slow rotation that spirals each earpiece. It does not flash, rapidly change colour, or turn off when connected. The light is designed to be punchy and vibrant without being overbearing and obnoxious.